Why Failing Fast Makes For Great Success with Scott Ballard
May 13, 2021

Why Failing Fast Makes For Great Success


In this episode of the Biz Bros podcast, we interview Scott Ballard the CEO of The Confidence Coach. He has led the philosophy of the Dream Employee which empowers employees to achieve their personal and business goals. This episode expands on that solution of the Dream Employee and how leaders can utilize the program to grow and scale their current workforce. His energy is addicting and we truly enjoyed this episode and Scott brings a ton of value to the show.

What's Inside!

Scott Ballard is a highly energetic business coach who has years of experience and uses that knowledge to help propel other businesses to scale. In his early career, Scott failed many times and failed quickly and he states that these were stepping stones to his current coaching business. In this episode, Scott breaks down the value of his program that he calls The Dream Employee. His program consists of creating commitment between the leadership team and employees of the business by understanding the workforce at a deeper level. Scott shares that investing in employees futures and their personal goals will help scale the company from within. As a leadership team, he coaches C-Suite executives to understand those goals and use the business as a vehicle to attain those goals. His energy and passion to provide value is truly brought out in this episode of the Biz Bros podcast. To learn more about the Dream Employee, reachout to Scott or visit his website: https://www.confidencecoach.org/coaching-services/the-dream-employee/

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