What is our Responsibility as Business Owners with Angel Ribo
May 13, 2021

What is our Responsibility as Business Owners?


Angel Ribo brings his energy to the Biz Bros podcast and talks about the power and responsibility of business owners. As a serial entrepreneur and business coach of C-Suite executives, he showcases his passion as a leader. Angel talks about as business leaders, we are stewards and the heartbeat to our communities.

What's Inside!

In this episode, Angel Ribo discusses the power of businesses in global communities. His background is rooted in corporate businesses and working with the executives within those companies. His mission is to impact as many individuals as possible by communicating and putting themselves out there, will change the community. "Taking perfect action now" is a quote from Angel that is constantly discussed. Business owners have the power to transform communities and his message is to get out and take action now. To learn more about the CEO Confidant, please visit https://divinehumanventures.com/home

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