Trust Your Intuition - It Will Guide You In The Right Direction with Laura Noel
May 13, 2021

Trust Your Intuition - It Will Guide You In The Right Direction


Laura Noel is a business coach who focuses her efforts on leaders in corporations that are struggling with feeling focused and fulfilled. Her teachings revolve around finding your purpose in life and leveraging that in business as a leader. Serving in the military, Laura learned discipline and has invested those learnings into her own business and helping others. Her consulting company breaks down personal growth, business optimization and coaching to create that more fulfilled life. The Biz Bros really enjoyed this show and hope that you do as well.

What's Inside!

In this episode of the Biz Bros Podcast, we discover some of the methods used by some of the highest performing leaders. Laura Noel has years of experience to create a highly focused and fulfilled life. Her methods start with the "why" and backtracks from there. As a former military member, Laura has leveraged that experience layered on top of yoga instruction has built a sense of peace for herself and is passed along to her clients. Trusting intuition is step one and to believe in yourself. This episode discusses where and how to start trusting your intuition. She talks about how will power has burnout effects and you need a system to replace that to keep on track. Some other topics that are discussed are around positive mindset and the power of visualization and why it's so important to build that foundation at an early stage in professional development as a leader. This has been one of our favorite episodes and happy to share some of the value that Laura discussed. To reach out to Laura please visit her website at

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