Transforming Your Business with Custom Web Applications with Tim Bornholdt
May 13, 2021

Transforming Your Business with Custom Web Applications


In this episode of the Biz Bros podcast, Tim Bornholdt breaks down the advantages and pitfalls to podcasting. His background in technology helps propel both his business and podcast while breakdown the barriers to his clients. He talks about the most important step to podcasting is to have a plan and understand that your voice is going directly into the listeners ear.

What's Inside!

Tim Bornholdt is the co-founder of the Jed Mahonis Group. JMG is a solutions provider for iOS and Android mobile applications, helping clients bridge the gap between technology and business growth. Tim is a podcaster himself, on his show he helps potential clients understand the fundamentals of technology through some of the evergreen softwares we are all exposed to. This episode breaks down the how podcasting can transition into business as a good long tail approach to gathering leads. The root of the topic lies in the importance of podcasts and how they provide more transparency to business and the leaders behind them. Tim talks about some of the advantages and pitfalls behind podcasting and discusses some best practices to avoid those pitfalls and promote growth. To learn more about JMG, please visit his site at

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