Top 3 Google Discover Content Strategies with Kyle Brady
June 7, 2021

Top 3 Google Discover Content Strategies


On this episode of the Biz Bros podcast, we sit down and chat with Kyle Brady founder of Drivin & Vibin. He is a Google Discover consultant that has grown his RV travel site, reaching hundreds and thousands of visitors every month. He and his wife dropped the daily 9-5 grind and hit the open road with the intention to build passive income. Kyle talks about the importance of Google Discover and his success with the platform. This episode packs a ton of value to a new traffic source for many.

What's Inside!

Kyle Brady is a Google Discover optimization consultant and founder of Drivin’ & Vibin’, an industry-leading consumer news site in the RV and camping niche. He and his wife ditched the 9 to 5 grind to become full time RVers and in the process Kyle became an expert at amplifying content to increase brand awareness and revenue. From 2015 to today, Kyle has transformed his blog Drivin & Vibin into an industry leading consumer news site. In this episode, we chat about his top 3 Google Discover Content Strategies. Being a relatively new platform, Kyle packs a ton of value into this episode to showcase the power of Google Discover. Throughout this episode, Kyle is proof that setting your mind and committing to a passion driven business can lead to success and creative freedom. Drivin & Vibin is now an industry leader and has connected consumers and brands throughout the blog articles. To learn more about Kyle and visit his site, please visit

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