Three Keys to Entrepreneurial Resilience with Dom Einhorn
May 13, 2021

Three Keys to Entrepreneurial Resilience


In this episode of the Biz Bros podcast, Dom Einhorn shares some of his experiences throughout his career as a CEO of an incubator located in France called Uniqorn. He is also a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. His insight breaks down 3 keys to entrepreneurial resilience that he has discovered over the years of conducting his incubator and improving the lives of entrepreneurers. We discuss what it truly takes to be a leader of a company and the grit needed to learn from the failures.

What's Inside!

Dom Einhorn is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startup exits under his belt, Dom created the first online art auction back in March 1996, which was acquired by one of the largest auction sites in the world five months later. He then created Powerclick, a digital marketing agency with 500+ advertisers as clients. His passion is showcased in this episode of how to work with and coach start ups. One of his most fascinating points that he makes on the show is how to speak to investors and where to find them. He makes the point that startup founders are broadcasting on FM but the investors are listening on AM. He urges founders in the start up world to speak the language of their intended audience (investors). His 3 keys to entrepreneurial resilience are explained in this episode; The definition of failure and success, do you have what it takes (understanding IQ vs EQ) and building a strong team. Dom brings a ton of value and take aways to this episode and we are excited to share! If you are curious to learn more about his incubator, please visit his website:

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