Restructuring Your Business For Profit and Success with Harlan Hammack
May 13, 2021

Restructuring Your Business For Profit and Success


Harlan Hammack brings his experience over the course of years to guide leaders through uncertainty. In this weeks episode, Harlan explains how leaders need to take action and that is the most important element he focuses his program around. His methods have been tested over the years to help executives grow both as business leaders and in their personal lives.

What's Inside!

This week on the Biz Bros podcast, we host Harlan Hammack a business coach helping founders achieve their organizational goals. His career started as a consultant for companies going through a major growth spurt and navigating that space. His current consulting firm works with the executive team to make them as productive as possible. ib4e consulting represents the things that you have to do in a certain order to be successful. His goal is to push leaders to be better leaders through courage. As a skillset, courage is a constant challenge, but Harlan helps bridge that gap through a series of educational elements. Harlan has years of experience that he uses to guide leaders through the chaos and into the clarity. To learn more about Harlan and his coaching, please visit his site at:

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