Refining Your Businesses Focus - Its Mission Critical with Dylan Ogline
May 13, 2021

Refining Your Businesses Focus - Its Mission Critical


Dylan Ogline is a serial entrepreneur and business coach who owns multiple businesses and preaches the power of focus. In this podcast, the Biz Bro's discuss how to better focus efforts to a particular niche in business. His agency focuses on blue collar industries and through the years has grown the agency to seven figures.

What's Inside!

In this episode, the Biz Bro's discover the power of focusing and niching down to key markets. Dylan discusses his methods and best practices over the years of owning his agency. One of the most impactful lessons he has learned and found success with is education. Educating himself on the niche so that he can better serve and sell to them. Throughout the episode, the conversation breaks down how to speak to the audience that you want to target. No matter what industry that you are in, Dylan provides key learnings on how he speaks and attacks his client base. At the end of the conversation, we filter out the benefit of niching your focus, and the key is ROI. One of the most common questions that arise as an agency, is how to price your agency work. Dylan says that emphasizing a value based model and to showcase the ROI to the client prior to sending an estimate. Once you do this "the price almost doesn't matter". Dylan explains that once you identify the target market, your business will grow and become much more fruitful. To learn more about Dylan and his various services, visit his website and reach out!

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