Leveraging Podcasts to Learn and Aquire Customers with Squadcast FM
May 13, 2021

Leveraging Podcasts to Learn and Aquire Customers


In this episode of the Biz Bro's podcast, Zach Moreno and Rockwell Felder Co-Founders of Squadcast join us to speak on the power of podcasting and how it will continue to grow. Squadcast pairs podcasting with a virtual landscape to connect individuals to collaborate. Their business sparked by understanding the space and the lack of tools for podcasters. From there they have evolved their business and built a platform to connect podcasters from around the world.

What's Inside!

Zachariah Moreno and Rockwell Felder are the co-founders of SquadCast.fm, anintuitive audio and video recording platform that is taking the podcast world bystorm. Zach and Rock’s backgrounds could not be more different. Zach comesfrom the world of Software Engineering, where he worked for the governmentdeveloping tools and apps. Rock, on the other hand, comes from the worldof corporate auditing, where he worked for Moss Adams LLP in the assuranceservices department. In this episode, we discuss the power of podcasting and how to acquire customers via podcasting. There are so many platforms to host podcasts on, but Zach and Rockwell have built a tool that focuses on remote recording with a focus around quality both from a video and audio perspective. Throughout the episode, they discuss the long tail approach of podcasting and the longevity of how episodes are always living on the platform. Consistency is what brings your podcast to the forefront and leaves our audience with that piece of value. To contact or learn more about Squadcast, please visit their site at: https://squadcast.fm/

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