How to Breathe Life And Energy Into Meetings with Rick Maurer
May 28, 2021

How to Breathe Life And Energy Into Meetings


On this episode of the podcast, the Biz Bros sit down and chat with Rick Maurer and discuss how to breathe life and energy back into meetings. His background is rooted in working with leaders and helping them identify any underlying resistance within their business. He talks about strategies that help iron out any opportunities that leaders may be missing.

What's Inside!

Today’s guest, Rick Maurer, is a speaker, author, consultant, and expert on helping leaders avoid resistance to change. Since the publication of his book Beyond the Wall of Resistance in the 1990s, Rick’s opinion has been sought by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, NBC Nightly News, Fortune, and many other media outlets. Some of the largest companies in the world ask for his advice on ways to avoid resistance to change and ways to build strong support for changes and other big projects. His background working with top executives helps them identify any missing opportunities within their businesses, and turn resistance into success. He talks about how to breathe life and energy into meetings to motivate teams in this episode of the Biz Bros podcast. To learn more about Rick or reach out, please visit:

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