How can a small business advertise just like a big brand and why should they with Brian Gregory
September 17, 2021

How can a small business advertise just like a big brand and why should they with Brian Gregory


Our guest today is Brian Gregory, CEO and Founder of If you’ve ever wished that a professional ad agency would coach you about your brand but found out you couldn’t afford it, you’re going to enjoy our show today. ADMANITY® has created a breakthrough emotional algorithm that can instantly give ANY business the advertising strategies, tactics and formulas that will sell it most effectively in the market - WITHOUT the high cost of hiring an agency. Brian says small businesses should advertise just like the big brands but usually, they just don’t know how. Today he’s going to reveal exactly how any small business can do it! Welcome to the show, Brian!c

What's Inside!

Brian Gregory is the Founder and CEO and creator of the breakthrough algorithm behind The ADMANITY®Protocol. ADMANITY® is the first company to create an online test and predictive emotional algorithm to determine the best emotional advertising strategy for any business, in any niche.The simple ADMANITY®test isolates one of 15emotional archetypes best suited for the business.The ADMANITY®Protocol is the onlyalgorithm that can identify a company’s emotional archetype and the nidentify its ideal advertising strategies, tactics, formulas, and even copywriting tactics. It gives agency-level recommendations that the brand can use for years.Brian is a former 20-year owner/publisher of large, citywide magazines in the Phoenix market as well as an expert in direct selling. In addition to creating ADMANITY’s algorithm for The ADMANITY® Protocol, he has written over 2,000 pages of ADMANITY® curriculum and training materials, as well as being the author of the book “Sheep Don’t EatComplicated Grass!” Brian is an expert in emotional marketing and advertising tactics and is a skilled, entertaining speaker and podcast guest.

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