Getting The Most Out Of Your Current Employees with Emily Melious
May 13, 2021

Getting The Most Out Of Your Current Employees


In this episode of the Biz Bros Podcast, Kyle and Eli chat with Emily about various ways to untap more talent from your current employees. Her experience with high level companies and leaders propels this conversation to help everyone better understand how people work. As one of our favorite topics, culture, Emily breaks down how to fully engage the company by putting the right people on the right seat of the bus.

What's Inside!

Emily Melious not only is data driven, but she focuses on execution. In this episode of the Biz Bros podcast, we discuss how to not only discover the true talent and potential within a current employee base, but also how to implement these findings into action to grow the business. Visionaries, doers and integrators is a foundational process that Emily uses to assess businesses and who they have within the company. We discuss from a high level, how to hire for the position needed and how to train your current employees to become more effective and passionate about their positions. Personality assessments such as Kolby, are a recommended tool that Emily recommends to use during the hiring process. This tool helps vet potential employees prior to make sure that they are a good fit based on the needs for the business. These data points provided by these tools help predict how an employee will perform to make sure that they are a good fit for the culture within the organization. We discuss how to structure a culture around the framework that has been proven successful over the years by Emily. One of the most powerful lessons from this podcast is to use these assessments to build a job description based around some of the missing pieces within the business. To learn more about Emily's framework or to book a call with her, please visit her website

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