Diving Into Podcasting to Build Engaging Audiences with Roger Nairn
May 13, 2021

Diving Into Podcasting to Build Engaging Audiences


Roger Nairn is the CEO and founder of Jar audio and brings his knowledge to the episode as to how to grow and engage audiences through podcasts. Podcasts started out as a hobby and have evolved into a business. Leading brands have partnered with Jar Audio and he brings a lot of value to the show.

What's Inside!

In this episode of the Biz Bros Podcast, we discover the true power of Podcasting and how to engage an audience through the experiences Roger has worked through. Podcasts engage audiences, create a more interested audience while making it a pass time for listeners. He talks about the longevity of podcasting and how it can continue to grow over time and live online forever. Jar Audio is trusted by some of the world's leading brands, such as Lululemon, Expedia, RRC and many more. Roger solves the problem of many podcasts, telling stories that tie perfectly with the brand's values. Roger has great insight to anyone looking to take a message, theme or brand online via podcasts and brings a lot of value to listeners. To learn more about Jar Audio, please visit: https://www.jaraudio.com/

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