Creating Personal & Professional Resilience with Susan Drumm
May 13, 2021

Creating Personal & Professional Resilience with Susan Drumm


Eli and Kyle talk with Susan Drumm about Resilience in business, both in a personal and professional environment.

What's Inside!

Resilience is one of the most important traits for leaders, especially in todays business landscape. Susan Drumm joins the Biz Bros for an exciting episode to deeper explore the power of developing a Resilience as a leader. Susans extensive background gives the audience insight to how to tackle various factors and stresses that we all experience. Susan discusses how important it is to have a "fully charged" battery in order to perform at their best. This concept is exposed throughout the episode and she provides a lot of value and examples of leaders that are doing this well and not so well. The episode also features a demonstration that the audience can participate in to calm nerves from a fight or flight response to a meditative state. This 30 minute episode is packed with value on the power of resilience and actions to take to become more resilient both in a professional and personal manner. You can reach out to Susan and find our more information at her website:

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