Closing Deep Pocket Clients with Johnson Emmanuel
May 13, 2021

Closing Deep Pocket Clients with Johnson Emmanuel


This episode of the Biz Bros podcast, Johnson Emmanuel brings his energy and enthusiasm to closing deep pocket clients. Coming from Africa, his determination is to hustle and fight every day to find clients that will help nurture the businesses growth for the future. He explains how to attract and close these ideal clients.

What's Inside!

When starting a business, a goal is to close deep pocket clients. Johnson Emmanuel breaks down his best practices when attracting and closing these clients. His focus is to educate the audience on how to unlock attracting these clients and how to retain them. When consulting, he starts with a vision and where that client wants to be in a certain amount of time. His processes have been developed over the years to accomplish those goals and close those dream clients. To learn more about Johnson, please visit his site at:

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