Building a YouTube Channel About What You Love with Sidd Masand
May 13, 2021

Building a YouTube Channel About What You Love


In this episode of the Biz Bros podcast, Sidd Masand talks about growing a channel on YouTube and the power behind the platform. His background as an immigrant sparked the passion for being self made. His message is to speak to everyone. Speaking to his audience has lead to his success within his community.

What's Inside!

As an immigrant, Sidd Masand grew up with the passion to be an entrepreneur. His focus was to find his niche rooted from his passion of Rock and Roll. Today he is the owner of Rock and Roll True Stories. On this channel he breaks down the history of some of the worlds most famous brands. The topic of the podcast is how to grow a podcast channel and community around that topic. Weekly, Sidd will pull topics from the comments within the channel. By doing this he is leveraging the power of his audience while building retention. Sidd's story is fascinating for any audience and anyone looking to grow their channel or reach via Linkedin. To learn more about his channel, please visit his channel on Youtube at:

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