Biz Stories With Wylie Robinson: The Story Behind Rumpl
August 10, 2021

Biz Stories With Wylie Robinson: The Story Behind Rumpl


Wylie Robinson, is the founder of Rumpl, he launched a kickstarter that was funded in less than 24 hours and today is one of the leading brands in the outdoor space. The companies footprint as a 1% For The Planet member extends into a B corp today with its mission to use sustainable and 100% post consumer recycled materials.

What's Inside!

In this episode of the BizBros podcast, the Biz Bros sit down with Wylie Robinson to talk about his career and the history behind the first puffy blanket, Rumpl. Starting in the back of a van he realized that sleeping bags weren't cutting it for them and wanted the same feeling of a sleeping bag in a blanket. Returning from the trip and borrowing a sewing machine, the first Rumpl “Puffy” blankets were hand sewn in a cramped San Francisco apartment. After several months using the blankets, the two realized they had stumbled on to an idea much grander than just a sleeping bag blanket. The materials typically found in everyday blankets hadn’t evolved in hundreds of years—the entire category wasn’t utilizing any of the material innovation that was taking place in apparel, outdoor gear, and activewear. The Rumpl brand was born!

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